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Perignons Event Center, 6385 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38115

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About Tamikyo Inez

Tamikyo Inez Ansah is an American Singer-Songwriter, Model, Author, Actress, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother of six amazing children, and Child of God. 

She sang her first solo at the age of 3. Growing up as number 3 of 5 children (then later of 6 children), music was her special place and the way she stood out from siblings. Singing was her thang! She joined the youth choir at church as well as the school choir (Go Sopranos!). 

She never envisioned a career in music until writing songs.  It was at a time in her life where she believed she had nothing left to live for. You see she was away from the most important people in her life. "As I laid in my prison cell destraught from my reality and broken in every way imaginable, I begged God to take my life. My children deserved better and If I couldn't be there for my children, what good was I??? "

But God...

God gave her a song, 'Redeeming Victory'. Over the time she remained in prison, Tamikyo

wrote over 100 songs.  Once released from prison, she got busy redeeming her life. Establishing reconnection with children, family, employment, and freedom! It's Up Time! 

"All I can say is, Keep loving! Love God, because God is Love. And Love yourself so you can know how to love others." Love is Always the Ansah

Her love for music is here to stay! 

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Singer Songwriter Tamikyo Inez Ansah